Meet the Team

Stephanie Skinner


A serial entrepreneur, Stephanie is co-founder of culture: the word on cheese, America's premier consumer cheese magazine.

Will Fertman


Before founding the monger, Will worked as digital publisher, writer and director of social media for culture: the word on cheese.

Han Chen

Development Lead

Han is a software engineer at an agile development consultancy and handles design and development for the monger.

Terrence Geary

Business Development Lead

Terrence is the founder of Artisan Matters, a food business consultancy. His work in the arts, education, and food and wine has focused on collaboratively realized logistical, operational and content strategies.

Chris Gray

Producer Consultant

A former music executive, Chris is Master Cheesemaker at Vermont Tech - Norwich Farms.

Caitlin Gunderson

Retail Consultant

A gastronome at heart, Cait manages a San Diego cheese shop and consults on retail issues for the monger.