Feature List

The monger is in Alpha.

We created this list of upcoming features so you can watch the monger roll out. Recently added features are highlighted in green, in progress features are highlighted in red, and pending features are highlighted in gray.

If you have any questions, comments, and feature requests, please email us at support@themonger.com.

Business Search: Find buyers and sellers based on size, location, specialties, and more.
Business Profiles: In-depth profiles of producers, importers, distributors, retailers, brokers and more.
Product Search: Search by maker, production details, certifications, awards and more.
Product Profiles: In-depth profiles of products.
Advertising and promotions: Advertise where your customers are: the monger!.
Data Entry Assistance: Free help making your listings complete, accurate and attractive.
Mapping: Find businesses and products via maps, addresses and more.
Product Administration: Enter, change and publish your product lineup through an easy to use UI.
Public API: Developer access your business and product data for websites and applications.
Messaging: Send purchase orders, sample requests, etc. via the monger.
Dashboard: A customizable display of all your relevant monger information.
Favorites and Recents: Your most frequent products and business searches at your fingertips.
Easy Onboarding: Quickly aquire new buyers and sellers with easy online forms.
Territory Mapping: Easily define your delivery zones and find customers in your area.
Monger Trends: Who's hot and what's new on the monger.
Analytics: Track sales trends, sample requests, regional hits and more.
Discount Calendars: Easily share your discount schedules with select buyers.
Business Knowledge Base: Share your insight or get tips from seasoned makers, wholesalers and retailers.
Credibles: Crowdsource funds for launching or expanding your business with Credibles.
Equipment Sales & Sharing: Buy, sell and lease food production and retail eqipment.
Employee Accounts: Allow local buyers to purchase from pre-approved lists and set limits on employee accounts.
Aggregator Marketplace: Get your products to market via independent truckers and palletizers.
Bulk Purcase Offer: Pool resources with other local buyers for volume discounts.
Advanced Analytics: A deep dive into industry trends with custom business analysis from our own experts.
Custom Storefront: Brand your monger storefront with custom designs or embed it in your existing website.
Retail Product Map: Show your customers where your products are sold nationwide.
Business to Business Transactions: Buy & sell your products to the trade via the monger.
Advertising and Promotional Services: Expert advice on branding, packaging, marketing and more.
Pre-purchase Services: Offset the costs of long-maturing products with advanced sales to buyers.
Cross-docking Tools: Tools to help manage port-to-buyer shipping.
Digital Coupons: Easliy set up and share coupons with your consumers via computer or smartphone.
HACCP Planning: Simplify your health and safety planning.
Real-time Product Tracking: Know where your products are, in transit or on shelves, nationwide.
Sales and Specials alerts: Reach consumers with location and product-specific specials via their cell phones.
Tracability Services: Tools to manage recalls and batch problems.
B2C transactions: A marketplace to connect consumers to sellers at every scale.
Photography Services: Our in-house photography team will help you get the best pictures for your profile.
Promotional Planner: Easy ROI tracking on in-store sampling and events.