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We’re building a platform for producers, distributors, retailers and foodservice, with a database that “gets” specialty food, so you can show & tell, buy & sell, without the pain.

Tools for the Specialty Food Industry




Find buyers and sellers at any scale. Whether you go direct or wholesale, the monger can connect you with retailers, distributors, and brokers and put you on the map nationwide.

Get accurate product information to your customers. From SKU numbers and pack weights to recipes, pairings, and profiles, the monger gives buyers up-to-date, in-depth data—supplied by you, maintained by us.

Save headaches with accountable transactions. Instant online ordering and invoicing, analytics, aggregation planning tools and more mean that you spend less time with paperwork and more time making great food.

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Educate your sales force and your customers. the monger’s comprehensive, searchable catalog keeps you up to date with sales-critical make details, awards, producer profiles, and more—supplied by producers, maintained by us.

Easy on-boarding for new customers and products. Quickly find new buyers and sellers and start doing business in minutes with online intake forms and accurate business information.

Unify marketing and sales. Announce new products, push specials, and highlight promotional calendars, all from a single interface. the monger’s terminal keeps your team on target with highlighted products, on-platform messaging, and ROI tracking for samples, sales, and more.

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Source with ease. the monger knows who carries what, so whether you want to buy direct or through your local distributors, you can make the connection.

Educate your staff and customers. Get the story that sells the product with in-depth information on how the food is made, who makes it, recipes, pairings, and more.

Save headaches with accountable transactions. Consolidated ordering and instant invoicing make direct and wholesale buying easy, letting you quickly resolve shorts and returns, and getting you back behind the counter where you belong.

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The monger is a tool for the entire supply chain. We’re building this for everyone, because everyone has a part to play, no exceptions. If you need it, vote with your wallet.

“What I love is low price of entry, pay as you go… Why would we NOT participate in something like this?”

- David Katz

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Over 100 Producers, Distributors and Retailers of speciality foods have already signed up to the monger's beta. Join us, and help food thrive in America.

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